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Is your deck ready for spring parties?


Nothing can ruin a get together faster than a substandard deck that causes harm to one of your guests. Whether it be a hand railing that doesn’t withstand the weight or wood that splinters every time you touch it.  Even if your deck isn’t in that dire need of repair it is always better to do those small fixes now rather than later because those problems just get worse.  Also wouldn’t you rather get complements on the deck rather than be the topic of the ride home talk.  Each spring you should be checking your deck out for rotting lumber and loose screws.  Normal wear and tear itself can cause a deck to become loose and each spring you should get under your deck and check out all the pieces holding it together. Tighten the loose hardware and if you see something not just right call and get a deck builder out there.  When it comes to replacing deck pieces, some are easy to do and others are not. When it’s the latter you should think hard about hiring a deck builder so that you know it’s done right and done now so you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time wishing that you had never started.