Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal Service


Ice Dams are a major concern in Minnesota. If you have an issue with Ice Dams on your roof, let Revered Construction help you resolve this problem, before it becomes a more costly nuisance. Contact us by phone, or email today to schedule a FREE consultation and thorough inspection with one of our knowledgeable professionals.


Ice dams are caused by extreme changes in the weather. Generally forming near the corners of a roof, they can be found anywhere that a heat source may be coming through. Ice Dams are caused by melting water pooling behind a ridge of ice that has formed on your roof. Blocking the water from draining. It is then, it begins to cause damage to both the exterior and interior of your home.


Warning signs you may have a problem:• Ice forming behind gutters, ice coming through soffit, icicles• Ice has formed on an interior wall, water damage on walls• Water is/has leaked through framing or surrounding doors


Revered Construction offers Ice Dam removal service at affordable pricing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We will come out, conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and gutters, isolate problem areas and discuss any concerns you may have, since pricing is based upon the pitch of your roof, height of your roof, and work specific to your needs, we will quote you a fair & reasonable price!